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What Makes Sam Brown London Different?

What Makes Sam Brown London Different?

Sam Brown London honours the artistry and sophistication of dedicated craftsmanship. Everything we create comes from a fusion of skill and passion to produce bespoke leather goods whose every meticulous refinement you can feel and whose quality permeates your olfactory senses.

Our journey started by creating the best jeans belt in the world. A belt you can trust. An honest leather belt. Rather than buying a belt that fails in six months, why not buy a belt that looks better in six months?

However, to make the best anything in the world, you have to work with the right people.

Celebrate what is good about Britain

No politics here, all eyes are on sustainability, provenance and tradition. Not only do we create products using traditional methods, but to get the very best quality we work with traditional craftspeople throughout the UK and Ireland. By working together with the best makers in the country, we support each other to strengthen and promote a community whose ethos is slowly dying out. 

Provenance and concern for the environment also weigh heavily on the decision to make our products as local as possible. Steeped in tradition and ethics, Britain makes arguably the finest leather in the world. We know where all the cows come from for our leather, we know the name of the tanner, their methods of curing for 3-18 months, to make what is known as Honest Leather.

All our thread is handwoven in Ireland, our linings are Irish Linen and Harris Tweed from the Scottish Isles, our buckles are sand-casted in England. All handcrafted in centuries-old tradition.

Responsibility is key to this too. By keeping our manufacturing in the UK, we are ensuring a fair wage is paid to everyone involved in our manufacture process. Our carbon footprint is also massively reduced because of the locality of what goes into our bespoke leather goods. England may be our home, but our products are about the whole of these dear green isles.

The sum of its parts

Whatever you choose to buy from us, it simply is the sum of its parts. Each element of our products has as much effort, care and passion put into it as the next. Each stage of the story of its creation is as special and beautiful as the next. 

To create something beautiful with your hands is an amazing feat. To be able to replicate this consistently, so that each item is the same, but still unique to the wearer, supersedes craft. Within a second of coming into contact with one of our products, you will instinctively know that it justifies the cost. That you have in your hands something finessed by the passion of artisans.


People’s search for identity through fashion is no longer defined by a faceless fashion label, whose ideas are made in boardrooms and whose products are made by poorly-paid warehouse workers in the far east. We want to choose who we are, not have it decided by marketers. 

With everything we make, you can choose to express yourself. Choose the colour, the lining, the stitching. Add a handle to a bag, choose the metal of your buckles, add your own essence to the deep craft involved in our beautiful bespoke leather goods.

It is time to choose quality over brand. Time to take a look at Sam Brown London.